Jaguars and Wildlife of the Pantanal Tour

Wild Jaguars! Oh my, what an animal and wow, what a trip!

Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour takes you on a wild journey in the world’s largest tropical wetlands, the Pantanal of Brazil. This tropical forest is home to some 200 mammals and nearly 500 bird species. The undisputed king of the Pantanal is the Jaguar! On this tour, we will travel the rivers and waterways in custom boats in search of the Jaguar. In order to maximize our time with the Jaguars, your accommodations actually float on the same river that is the epicenter of Jaguars in Brazil! This is a small private tour. Ths means that we will have the boats and vehicles used to find wildlife reserved for our group. This will allow a greater degree of comfort and flexibility for our adventure. You Will Be Amazed! 

Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour Highlights

  • 9 Nights and 10 Days
  • Includes All In Country Lodging and Transportation
  • 5 Days on “Jaguar River”
  • Expert Professional Photographer Guides
  • Max Attendees: 6
  • Cost: $6495 Double Occupancy


Jaguar patrolling the river bank in front of clients. - Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour

This could be you!

Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour Details

Jaguar Tour Dates

The trip is in July which is during the dry season. This improves our ability spot jaguars because the water is lower allowing for a natural “sidewalk” along the river. Far fewer mosquitos too!

Arrive Cuiaba Airport July 2, 2018, before 2:00 PM.
Depart Cuiaba Airport July 11, 2018, after 11:00 AM.

Ocelot lurking near the camp, Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour


Jaguar Tour Daily Schedule

Day 1
We will pick you up at the airport and begin your Pantanal and Jaguar Adventure. We will be in game drive mode watching for wildlife and birds during the 3-hour drive to the lodge.

Once we arrive at the lodge, we’ll have more opportunities for wildlife photography including the elusive Ocelot.

After a gourmet meal, we’ll make go over the details of our following day’s schedule.

Day 2
This morning our guides will lead us on a hike through the forests surrounding the lodge. During the walk, we are likely to encounter Brown Capuchin Monkeys and Black-tailed Marmosets and of course tons of birds!

After lunch, we will take a boat ride to exploring the Pixaim River which runs along the lodge. On the ride, we can expect to photograph the amazing Giant River Otter at close range!

In the evening we will again look for the Ocelots.

Day 3
Today we will spend some time photographing around the lodge. After breakfast, we will game drive to Port Jofre and board our boat for the ride to the heart of Jaguar Land.

After lunch, we’ll begin our search for Jaguars along with other birds and wildlife on the river and channels that will be our home for the next five nights.

Days 4-7
We will be on the river every morning and afternoon in search of the Jaguars and as usual any of the myriad flora and fauna along the way.

The Jaguar researchers will be on hand every evening providing presentations and answering questions about the Jaguars and other animals that we have seen. Oh, and to help identify any of the birds you’ve photographed that I don’t know, which will be a lot!

Day 8
We return to our lodge in the Pantanal and today’s photography will be mainly for the birds. We will setup custom perches around the many bird feeders to capture unique portraits of the stunning array of birds.

Day 9
There will be an opportunity for those of you that are horseback riders to explore the forest from the back of a horse. Those not inclined to ride will be photographing around the lodge, forest and or river.

Day 10
We have an early departure for our game drive back to Cuiaba Airport for your return home or the Iguazu Falls extension.


A pair of Hoatzin aka Stinkbirds along the river, Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour

A pair of Hoatzin aka Stinkbirds along the river

Included/ Not Included on the Pantanal Jaguar Tour

  • All local transportation to and from Cuiaba Airport and lodges
  • All lodging and meals
  • Boat outings and general travel will be private for our group
  • Double Occupancy Accommodations ($650 Single Supplement)
  • Assistance with Camera Settings
  • Image review and critique to help you get the best images
Not Included

Lunch on the last day, soft drinks, small bottles of water, beer, wine, mixed drinks, laundry, staff gratuities, travel insurance, early or late transfers from Cuiaba Airport.

pair of Giant River Otters feeding in the river, Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour

Giant River Otters

Equipment and Gear

For the most part,Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour is a “big lens” trip. There will be some moments for landscapes and macro, but they are not the norm.

On the Jaguar boats, a 100-400mm (Canon) or 80-400 (Nikon) that you can hand hold should be perfect.

If you photograph a lot of birds then you already know that you “never” have enough lens, so bring your biggest for the birds.

I highly recommend a tripod and gimbal mount for the bird photography, particularly at the feeders.

Ready to Join? Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour

Jaguar pausing to look at the photographer - Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour

Jaguar on the River bank

Worried that you are going to make the journey and not see a Jaguar? You should not be! For the past 6 years the lodge has a 100% success rate of Jaguar sitings and during the last 3 years, guests averaged seeing 2.5 Jaguars PER DAY! I have not ben able to confirm which half of the Jaguar was being seen, hopefully, it’s the head!

Come and join me in the Pantanal Jaguars and Wildlife Photo Tour, You Will Be Amazed!


People are Talking About Wildlife Workshops

The workshop was a great learning experience. Even though I have been photographing for a while, I still learned some great tricks and techniques, that can take a good image to a great image. That’s was exactly what I was looking for.

I had an art show last weekend that a showed a few of my new images from the workshop and already sold two of them. So that’s a great start.

Steve Doan


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