Snowy Owl Photography

The remarkable Snowy Owl is a stunner of a subject!

One of my most popular workshops a photography workshop featuring one of the most beautiful and dramatically photogenic birds in the world, the Snowy Owl. Through the years and from various cultures the Snowy Owls have been called many names. They’ve been called Snow Owl, Arctic Owl, Great White Owl, Ghost Owl, Ermine Owl, Tundra Ghost, Ookpik, Scandinavian Nightbird, White Terror of the North, and Highland Tundra Owl. Whatever name you choose, AWESOME comes to mind, they are magnificent birds, and you now have an opportunity to join me on a journey to photograph these birds in the Great White North of Ontario Canada.

Snowy Owl Workshop Highlights

  • Snowy Owl Migration
  • Small Group – 8 clients
  • Local Guides
  • 5 nights and 6 days
  • All Inclusive
  • Ontario, Canada
  • $2995
Snowy Owl hunting from a an old fence line. photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Snowy Owl hunting from a an old fence line.

We will spend six days and five nights in Northern Ontario where we will be photographing the Snowy Owls. We will have exclusive use of several tracts of private property so that our group will not be competing with local photographers and birders for these birds. We will have two local guides helping us locate the owls and placing us in the best possible positions to photograph the owls. They have been photographing and guiding people on these trips for several years, and so, we should be secure in our belief that we’ll be photographing Snowy Owls. Over the past several years, they have averaged 7 or 8 individual Snowy Owls as well as Barred Owl. In fact, in the last six years they have only been skunked two days. The odds are in our favor, and you should have plenty of opportunities to make some fantastic images.

As a photography workshop, there is a significant teaching component on this trip. I’ll ensure that you understand the camera settings and techniques that you’ll need to succeed. We’ll talk about successful compositions and image processing to get you the photos that you’ve dreamed of making.

I’ve tried to make this workshop as comfortable as possible for those of you that are not familiar with winter driving. All you have to do is show up at the Toronto Airport, and you’ll catch a pre-paid shuttle. Your hotel, your breakfast, and your local transportation are all included. If you’d like to arrange for a private room, just let me know, and I will get you a rate for that.

Our group will never be more than eight so that we can get close to the owls without causing too much disturbance. A small group also means you will have as much or as little personal attention as you prefer.

A Snowy Owl make a fast sideways landing photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Snowy Owl coming in hot!

Snowy Owl Workshop Details

Workshop Dates


Arrive February 18, 2018 – Depart after 5 PM February 23, 2018

Daily Workshop Schedule

Day 1

Arrive in Toronto in time for an orientation meeting at 5 PM. We’ll get to know each other and spend some time going through the daily routine, check out your gear and get you ready to photograph the Snowy Owls. We will have dinner (included) together afterward.

Day 2-5

After an early breakfast (included) we will leave the hotel early in the morning and go in search of the owls. We’ll photograph throughout the morning and then go and grab lunch. We’ll spend some time reviewing the morning session so we can correct any issues that we discover. We will photograph most of the afternoon before heading back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we will meet to download and review your images and discuss the photography sessions. There will be planned presentations, but we’ll be focusing on your particular needs as much as possible.

Day 6

Today is departure day, and you should plan your flight home or to parts unknown after 5 PM.

Snowy Owl launching off of an old barn in search of prey photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Snowy Owls use barns as a high point to hunt from

Included/Not Included


Shared accommodation for five nights and six days, Dinner on day one, Breakfast at hotels each morning for attendees, Airport drop off via airporter or van.

Not Included

Dinners(except day one where it is included), lunches, Items of personal nature, international airfare, travelers insurance, anything not listed as included.

Equipment and Gear

It can be quite cold, snowy and windy, so bring the appropriate number of layers to keep you happy and warm. The average temperature in February is 28F (-3c). You’ll need a hat, everyone forgets to bring a hat, please bring a warm hat!

Snowy Owls hunt on the wing and so a long lens to track them as they fly silently in search of vols is perfect. When they wheel in towards our cameras with outspread wings, a shorter lens will be your best bet. You’ll have an advantage in this workshop if you carry two camera bodies. Leave your long telephoto (such as a 500mm) lens mounted on a sturdy tripod (gimbal mount recommended). Then have a short telephoto (such as a 70-200mm) lens on the second body to be used handheld. If your kit includes just one camera body, an 80-400mm (Nikon) lens or 100-400mm (Canon) lens is advised.

Your batteries will discharge at nearly twice the normal rate at these temperatures, so bring plenty of batteries. My experience is that the camera never gets an accurate battery reading in winter. Be sure to top off ALL of your batteries EVERY night.

You will take more images than you might expect so be sure you’re loaded up with memory cards.

Snowy Owl in flight at dawns first light - Snowy Owl Photography with Jeff Wendorff

Snowy Owl in flight at dawns first light

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Ready to Join me Photographing Snowy Owls?

I actually love this workshop, the images are amazing and just watching the owls flying and hunting is simply awesome. You’re gonna love it!

The outcome of joining this workshop is simple to predict, join this workshop take pictures of the owls and without a doubt, You Will Be Amazed!


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