Fall in Ontario - Foliage and Much More

Fall Color - Waterfalls - Raptors - Wildlife - Rusty Gold - This workshop has it all!

Join the Fall in Ontario photography workshops for an awesome adventure in Ontario Canada’s amazing countryside; crisp days, blue skies, stunning fall colors, waterfalls, wildlife and so much more! Together we will travel from the Great Lakes, visit the Waterfall Capital of the World and head north to the iconic Algonquin Park. We will photograph stunning scenery and native wildlife. Who knows we may find a Red Fox or even a Moose! We’ll play in a junkyard full of photographic gold and even shoot the iconic Toronto skyline during the magic twilight of the evening. Whew, that’s a lot, best if you bring extra memory cards for this amazing fall photography workshop!

Highlights Fall in Ontario Photo Workshop

  • Fall Colors in Ontario
  • Small Group – 8 clients
  • Local Guides
  • 6 nights and 7 days
  • All Inclusive
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • $3295 (Double Occupancy)

Fall in Ontario – Photography Workshop from Jeff Wendorff on Vimeo.

Fall in Ontario Workshop Details

Workshop Dates

October 19-25, 2017

October 14-20, 2018

Workshop Daily Schedule

Day One

You arrive in Toronto and will be picked up at the airport, and we will drive you right to our hotel in Burlington, Ontario. That night we will gather for a group dinner (included) and discuss the week’s itinerary and locations. Then, after dinner, head to the waterfront in Toronto to shoot the Toronto skyline from the Golden hour into darkness.

Day Two

We will visit the Raptor Conservancy, and you will spend the morning photographing a variety of raptors in flight, and we will pose them in natural settings. Species list can include any of the following birds; Harris’s Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl and Bald Eagle. There are several flightless, but very photogenic birds that could include an Eagle Owl, Swainson’s Hawk, Peregrine Falcon and Aplomado Falcon.

We have hired a falconer to fly and display his birds for our cameras. He is well versed in the desires of wildlife photographers and does a great job placing the birds on natural looking ecologically correct perches.

Great Horned Owl in flight with glorious fall colors - Fall in Ontario Workshop

Great Horned Owl in flight – Fall in Ontario Workshop

In the afternoon, we will drive towards our first half day session at the Waterfall Capital of the World. Hamilton is home to over 100 beautiful waterfalls, which is how it got the title of Waterfall Capital of the World. Most of the waterfalls/cascades are located on, or near, the Bruce trail. The Niagara Escarpment, which the Bruce Trail winds through, is equipped with the perfect ecological conditions for natural waterfalls to occur.

Tiered Waterfalls - Hamilton Ontario

Tiered Waterfalls – Hamilton Ontario

Day Three

We start the day along the shores of Lake Ontario at one of our favorite locations, 50 Point Conservation Area and an area of broken piers along the bank of Lake Ontario. Once the sweet morning light fades, we head back for more waterfall photography.

Sunrise abandoned pier Lake Ontario - Fall in Ontario Workshop

Sunrise abandoned pier Lake Ontario – Fall in Ontario Workshop

In the afternoon, we will visit a 100-acre junk-yard that spans the property of a nearby farm. Over 3000 vehicles in various states of decay line the cedar forests and rolling fields of this photographer’s paradise. Imagine cars as old as Edsels all the way to 1990 era vehicles and heavy equipment entangled in fall color, vines and even some with trees growing out of the engine compartment!

Rusty Gold Processed with Topaz Textures - Fall in Ontario Workshop

Rusty Gold Processed with Topaz Textures – Fall in Ontario Workshop

Days Four Five and Six

It’s time to change gears and head to Pelee Island. Pelee Island is located 32 kilometers south of the Ontario mainland and is part of an archipelago of islands in the western Lake Erie basin. This location of Canada’s southernmost inhabited land area (Middle Island is the southernmost) creates an environment of unique plants and animals and is on major migratory bird and butterfly routes.

The Fish Point Nature Reserve and the Lighthouse Point Nature Reserve provides habitat for rare species including the Blue Racer Snake, Lake Erie Water Snake, Smallmouth Salamander and Spotted Turtle. In addition, 31 provincially rare and 19 regionally rare plant species are located in the reserves. Another unique feature is the Stone Road Alvar, a globally significant area, where you can find plant and animal life that occurs nowhere else in the world. The physical presence of limestone combined with a southerly climate has created a unique Canadian Savannah environment.

Fall is a spectacular time to visit this area. Thousands of visitors from around the world are attracted by the outstanding fall color viewing opportunities, winery tours and tasting tours amidst the fall colors.

Day Seven

It’s our last morning, and we’ll be up early to catch a sunrise along one of the local lakes that have fall color along the shoreline. After our morning’s, photography we will return to the hotel and check out.

We’ll drive you to the Toronto airport around 11 am and drop you off at your hotel or airport will be about 3 pm. You should schedule your flights home no earlier than 5 pm.

Included/Not Included in the Fall in Ontario Workshop

The workshop includes your lodging (double occupancy), all breakfasts, drinks while on location, 2 group dinners, transportation to and from the airport as well as to all photography locations, instruction in the field with your photographer guides and evening reviews of the days photography to find and correct any issues and optional image critiques. We also will pay for park entrance fees, entry fees for Raptor Center and the junkyard.

The tour size is limited to eight photographers so you can count on plenty of attention and plenty of space to photograph.

I’ll help you with your camera settings, photography techniques and provide advice and tips to help you maximize your “keepers”.

Each evening we will gather as a group with our laptops and discuss editing techniques to achieve sharper images, composition from cropping and introduce you to some techniques we use to create more appealing images.

If you are not traveling with another client, we will try to find someone to share your accommodations. If we cannot find a suitable partner, you will be responsible for the single supplement of $250.

The Fall in Ontario cost does not include airfare, some evening meals, items of personal nature, laundry, VISA fees if applicable. Travel insurance is always advised as the deposit is not refundable.

Equipment and Gear

You’ll need to bring a full complement of equipment. From a wide-angle (16-355mm), mid-zoom (70-200mm) and something with some reach (400mm). If you are into macro, bring it too…

Accessories will be crucial with a circular polarizer, cable release, ballhead and tripod being essential. A variable and or neutral density filter may be useful as well.

We can expect chilly mornings in the 50s (F) and warm afternoons (70s). Hiking shoes and moderate layers for warmth will be perfect, and a rain jacket may be handy as well.


Our longest planned hike is about one-half mile (1 km) and there is an optional hike of a bit more than a mile (3 km). None of which are difficult, but remember you’ll need to walk the distance out and back with your gear. It isn’t a race though, so I am sure you’ll be able to make it. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Now would be the best time to ask!

The forest alive with colors of fall - Fall in Ontario Workshop

The forest alive with colors of fall – Fall in Ontario Workshop

Ready To Join The Ontario Workshop?

This workshop is packed full of a zillion things to photograph. You will learn a lot of varied techniques from long exposures to long lenses and everything in between. It’s more like a tour of all of the great things to see and photograph in Ontario, but with instruction on how to photograph the stuff you see.

It’s become one of my favorite workshops and I am that, You Will Be Amazed!


People are Talking About Wildlife Workshops

Almost impossible to explain to others how great this workshop is – you just have to go experience it!
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Fall in Ontario Photography Workshop

One of my favorite places to photograph is Ontario, Canada and it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall. It’s a perfect winter wonderland and as I like to say it’s, a “target rich” location for photographers. I promise you’ll be that you’ll be exhausted, and triumphal as we photograph the heck out of Ontario on this six-night seven-day photography workshop.

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