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Advice on Safari Books

Guide books are a dime a dozen, but a good guide book is pretty tough to find. I’ve been using the DK Eyewitness books for a while and always found them to provide accurate information. They make terrific maps and offer plenty of sage advice. I was particularly happy when I found out they were ready to release an updated guide to Kenya.

Of course, you should always use a qualified human with tons of experience to put together your safari! I’ll resist the urge to name names here, but I am sure you realize the blog you’re on. 🙂 Guide books are quite useful if for nothing else, but to confirm the information that I provide.

Safariguy Supports Saving Elephants

I am trying to do my part to help save my beloved and beleaguered elephants. 100% of the proceeds I receive from your Amazon purchases via these links on my website will be donated to help save the elephants.

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