Travel Information – Panama Neotropical Birds

US Citizens Traveling To Panama*


Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure from Panama.

Blank Passport Pages

One page required.

Visa Requirements

Not required.

Vaccination Recommendations

Yellow fever for passengers entering from countries with endemic yellow fever.

Arrival and Departure Airport

Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City is the destination airport.

After you clear customs and get your baggage you will need to make your way to the Radisson Summit Hotel. It is about 45 minutes to the hotel and the hotel’s shuttle is $20. As an alternative you could take an Uber for $35. I have used Uber several times in Panama and the service was always very good. I don’t speak Spanish and paying the extra $1 for Uber X English was a good investment.

Depending on when you are flying home we will either drop at PTY or an overnight hotel. I always stay the Crowne Plaza Panama Airport. It’s 5 minutes from the airport and the shuttle is free.

Lodging & Transportation

The transportation from the Radisson Hotel to our photography locations is included. So get yourself to Panama and the Radisson and we’ll take it from there.

Trip Insurance

I always use trip insurance for my travels. It’s so much easier and with so many more benefits when you compare it with your insurance. I’ve found the costs to be reasonable given the benefits. I use Travel Guard when I travel and even though; I’ve not had a claim they were helpful and easy to deal with on the phone.

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*Information for US citizens travel to Panama was obtained from the US Department of State and was valid as of Sept, 2017. If you are traveling to Panama from another country, please check with your embassy to check the travel requirements for your country.


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