New Workshop – Paris!

Everyone goes to Paris in April; they even wrote a song about it for crying out loud! The best time to go to Paris for street photography is November!

Imagine going to the Eiffel Tour or the Louvre without a bazillion tourists. Imagine going to Paris wandering the streets with your camera and an expert guide. Imagine taking advantage of the golden light photographers love at 6 and not 10! Now, wait for it; Imagine that you are in Paris having a blast and making some amazing photos too!

The Paris workshop is another Jeff and Kev production. Kevin has been there a dozen times, and I’ve been there a half a dozen times too. We know many of the hidden locations and vantage points of the iconic places you won’t see without our help. We’ve been thinking about this trip for a while and we have tried to think of ways to make it instructional, but allowing you time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. We have quite a few ideas for events to keep everyone happy and to ensure we are all having fun. We also think this is the perfect workshop to bring along your non-photographer “other”! We’ve also made that easy, your plus 1 comes along with for half price.


  • Exploring Paris with 2 Professional Photographers
  • 6 Nights and & Days
  • Small Group – 10 clients
  • Non-photographing 2nd person half price
  • Tuition: $2250

2 thoughts on “New Workshop – Paris!”

  1. Jen Reply
    December 8, 2016

    Ahhh this looks so amazing. I’ve been to Paris once, and my pictures were decent, but I just don’t know all the views — or even all the wonderful angles. Can’t wait to see pics from this!

    1. Jeff Reply
      December 8, 2016

      Stay tuned! You can subscribe to my email list for updates too! Then you won’t miss any of my updates.

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