Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia

This is the definition of a bucket list photography destination!

Are you looking for a photography experience in a unique land that many will only ever read about in magazines? How about a virtually unknown event celebrating Golden Eagles? I’d like to share this unique and full-on bucket list tour with you; it’s the amazing 1000-year-old tradition of eagle falconry in Mongolia. AMAZING doesn’t come close to describing this ancient world, and it’s people and culture. In addition to the festival; we will capture people in traditional costumes, visit a working horse farm, and spend time in the mountains photographing and learning about the ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles that continues today. If you are drooling and or just answered yes, then you should sign up, this is a photography trip you’ll love!

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Mongolia – Golden Eagle Festival Highlights

  • Attending the Annual Golden Eagle festival
  • Mongolian Cultural Visits
  • 10 Days and 11 Night
  • All Inclusive (Airfare to Mongolia Excluded)
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Tuition – $5995 BOOKED FULL


Mongolian Nomad releases his eagle from horseback during the Golden Eagle Festival
Mongolian Nomad releases his eagle during the Golden Eagle Festival

Golden Eagle Festival Tour Details

Workshop Dates

October 2 to October 12, 2018

Workshop Daily Schedule

Day 1
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. The group will gather in the evening for a meet and greet and a briefing on the sites we are about to experience.

At night, we will visit a small local theater. Here we will see contortionists, Mongolian musical bands and Throat singers

Day 2
We meet at 9 am and head to the Monastery in Ulaanbaatar to spend some time photographing the monks in a private photo shoot around prayer time.

From here we will then spend some time with Mongolian women dressed in traditional wedding dresses out in a natural country setting. Our model will be positioned in a traditional setting and present us with a unique opportunity to photograph something most people will not witness.

Model portrays a 13th century queen during the Golden Eagle Festival
Model portrays a 13th century queen during the Golden Eagle Festival

En route to photograph our model, we will visit the Giant Genghis statue. This 46m figure which is the biggest equestrian statue in the world. We then continue back to Ulaanbaatar from here and in the evening, return to Hotel in Ulaanbaatar for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3
After breakfast fly to Mongolia’s westernmost province – Bayan Olgii. Olgii is home to Kazakh people, who have a rich cultural heritage, music, handicrafts and traditional Hunting with Golden Eagles. On arrival in Olgii, the provincial capital, visit the local museum, which provides insight into the diverse ethnic groups in the region. Next, visit the local Mosque and market. Spend the night with an Eagle trainer’s family.

Day 4
Today is the day to watch the Eagle trainers at work: to witness the special relationship between the trainer and their bird, which is often considered a family member. Join the hunters on their hunting trips and watch them pamper their birds. Spend the night with a nomadic Kazakh family to learn more about their culture and traditions.

On the nights of the 29th and 30th, we will be staying in the home of a local family; it’s the only way to get access to the eagle trainers and their birds. These nights will be the real definition of roughing it at least by Western standards. We will sleep in the ger or yurt with all or most of them men in one and the women in another. There will not be running water, and the toilet facilities will be less accommodating than festival “outhouses” at home. This immersion in their culture will help give you a better understanding of their way of life, and that will naturally translate to much more intimate and appealing photography.

Day 5
Eagle trainers will gather to show their skills and their eagle’s abilities. The festival will begin with the hunters displaying their traditional Kazakh dress and their eagle’s equipment and ornaments. The festival is an exciting and authentic event which features eagle hunters’ competitions, but also other Kazakh traditional games such as Kokbar (goat carcass polo), Kazak archery, etc.

The festival participants compete for prizes, including best traditional dress, the eagle’s gear, and ornaments. Also, the eagles themselves will be judged according to their speed and agility. During the festival, folklore performances will take place adding, even more, cheerfulness to an already fantastic atmosphere.

Golden Eagle landing on a running horse - Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival
Golden Eagle landing on a running horse – Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival

Day 6
Travel by car to Khovd, the biggest city (population: 35,000) in Western Mongolia. Khovd is at the foot of the Mongolia Altai Mountains and in the valley of the Buyant Gol River. Sixteen distinct ethnic groups are living in Khovd: Khalkh, Zakhchin, Torgood, Oeld, Durved, Myangad, Uriankhai, Monchog and Kazakh. Visit local villages and spend the night in a ger.

Day 7
Transfer to the airport for the flight back to Ulaanbataar. Upon our arrival in Ulaanbataar, we will stop by the Cashmire factory to give you the chance to buy some clothes for the people back home.

Day 8-9
After an early breakfast drive to the Hustai National Park. Just 100 km away from the capital, it is the nest of the Mongolian Przewalski horses which can be seen roaming wildly in this beautiful national park.

From there we will head to our ger camp near the beautiful Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes. After dinner, you will be taken to the Sand Dunes for your chance to photograph the sun as it descends over the dunes.

Elsen Tasarkhai is one of the most picturesque places of Mongolia and is part of the 80 km long Mongol Els Sand Dunes. This place is a beautiful combination of beautiful sand dunes, majestic granite mountains, green grassy land, a bright, fresh spring and a tiny lake. Indeed, here you can enjoy seeing the combination of The Gobi and Khangai Natural Zones.

Day 10
Together we will visit the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes and Erdene Khamba Temple in picturesque Khugnu Khan Mountain Return to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel on the night of day 10. Farewell dinner.

Day 11
Transfer to the airport for the flight home as required (standard check out time 12 pm).

Included/Not Included
  • Transfers on arrival and departure
  • English speaking guide at all times
  • All lodging: Twin share in Hotel-9 in Ulaanbaatar; triple/quadruple in Ger camp/local hotel and shared Ger (men in 1 Ger and women in 1 Ger) at Kazakh nomadic family Gerts
  • All meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • 4×4 Russian vehicles in Western Mongolia, comfortable minivan/minibus in and around Ulaanbaatar
  • Photography session with Monks at Gandan Monastery
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary (traditional folk concert in Ulaanbaatar included)
  • Ulaanbaatar – Olgii – Ulaanbaatar flight tickets + Tax (15kg free luggage), Ulaanbaatar – Moren – Ulaanbaatar flight tickets + Tax (15kg free luggage)
  • 1L of drinking water per day per person

Tour Does Not Include: International air/train + tax, travel insurance, medical insurance, fee for Visa, drinks, additional services, camera fees, personal expenses, items of a personal nature, gratuity to local guides.

A Mongol Eagle Hunter and his partner - Golden Eagle Festival
A Mongol Eagle Hunter and his partner – Golden Eagle Festival
Equipment and Gear

You will want to bring multiple lenses for the various situations we will encounter. This includes a long zoom lens that will have the equivalence of 400mm. A mid zoom covering 70-200mm, a wide angle of about 16-35mm, a portrait lens like a 24-70 or your favorite fast prime lens.

Bring a sturdy tripod as well as a remote trigger release for landscapes and low light photography.

Gobi Desert Prequel

If you want to immerse yourself in the Mongolia experience, you should check out the prequel trip to the Gobi Desert. You will not believe the beauty of this rugged and remote location. Through in a camel caravan and how can you say no?

Camel Caravan across the Gobi Desert - Mongolia Golden Eagle Photography Workshop
Camel Caravan across the Gobi Desert

I’m curious, tell me more!

Ready to go to Mongolia?

The word bucket list has taken a whole life of it’s own and get’s attached to just about anyplace someone would like to go someday. The Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival is the reason that term exists. This is an exotic, rarely travelled magical destination and one you should not miss!

Cross this one off of your bucket list before it even got there! So don’t delay register today, click the workshops registration link and you’re on your way!

Golden Eagle Festival Registration

Travel Information – Golden Eagle Festival

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