Frequently Asked Questions

Are the workshops itineraries on schedule?

I have posted a fairly detailed day by day schedule for the workshops. My goal was to give you a sense of what you can expect when you join a workshop. There will be times when those schedules will change and this is nearly always for the better. For example, we may find a rare sighting and linger at a location longer than expected and that could lead to missing something else. There are also times when it could be not so good, such as horrible weather and a planned event was cancelled.


Bottom line of this is that I will always try to maintain the plan, but there will be times when Mother Nature throws us a curve. I can’t be responsible for these types of changes.

Are there refunds on deposits?

A deposit is required to reserve your space in a workshop and in general these deposits are not refundable. You will be allowed to roll the deposit that you have made to another workshop and this credit must be used in 18 months.


See the complete Terms and Conditions.

Can I Bring A Guest?

It is possible for a non-photographer to join you on most of the workshops. There may be a small fee depending on the workshop. Some of the workshops like Paris Street Photography we encourage you to bring a travel companion to share the experience with you!


Shoot me a message and I will let you know about bringing your guest for a workshop.

Are there workshops for the physically challenged?

Most of the workshops require you to be able to walk with your gear to a shooting location. These are rarely strenuous, but can be up to a half of a mile or so.


There are some with very little exertion like the Kenya Photo Safari.


Either my partner or I have photographed at tall of the workshop locations so I can give you more specifics and recommendations. Get in touch with me and can give you the scoop on the difficulty level of any workshop that interests you.

I am very much an amateur, can I join your workshops?

Do you have a camera? If you answered yes, you can join my workshops! All skill levels and all camera types are welcome. I keep my groups small so that I can offer as much personal attention as you need to get the best possible images with your gear.


I always advise people to check with me before buying gear specifically for my workshops. I am adept at spending other peoples money, but I do try to make sure your purchase will benefit you for your future photography.


Call me and we can talk about what you have and what you might need.

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