Birds of Prey and Algonquin Park Wildlife

Are you interested in photographing birds of prey in winter settings? How about looking for fox, moose and perhaps even a wolf to photograph? We can do that!

Designed to be an extension of the Snowy Owl Photography Workshop, this workshop will fill your portfolio with great images of flying birds of prey. From owls to eagles and everything in between, you’ll be presented with a great variety of birds to photograph. These are falconry trained birds, so the photo opportunities are guaranteed and they will fly for you multiple times.

While we are in the Great White North, we will also visit the beautiful Algonquin Park, a true winter wonderland. While we explore the park looking for moose and wolves, we’ll take advantage of the light and photograph the beautiful winter landscape. There is a very good chance for Red Fox and Pine Marten and several species of woodland songbirds as well.


Birds of Prey and  Algonquin Park Wildlife Highlights

  • 3 Nights and 4 Days
  • 2 Raptor Photo Sessions
  • Exploring Algonquin Park
  • Includes Lodging
  • Includes Local Transportation
  • Small Group – 4 Clients
  • Fee: $1495 (Double Occupancy)

Birds of Prey and  Algonquin Park Wildlife Details

Workshop Dates

February 23 – 26, 2018

Workshop Details

Day 1
After our morning with the Snowy Owls, we’ll break for lunch and say our farewells to those not staying for the extension. After the hugs, we will head north to the magical Algonquin Park. It’s about a 2 hr drive and we will most likely head straight to the park to see what we can find before returning to out hotel for the night.

Day 2
We will be up early and head to the park. We will be hoping to find some foggy morning landscapes and with positive thoughts we might get a moose on the bogs. We will continue to drive the park and check some prime locations for Pine Marten, Red Fox and winter woodland birds like Grey Jays, Chickadees, and Blue Jays. This will be a full day on the park.

Red Fox prowling the forest edge - Winter Raptors and More Photo Workshop
Red Fox prowling the forest edge. Imagine this in winter!

Day 3
We will have couple options this morning. There is a great wolf encounter facility close by, but they have odd hours in winter and sometimes are just not there. As an alternative, there is a great spot for Tundra Swans. We’ll find something to click at!  From there we will head back south for an afternoon session with birds of prey.

You can expect to photograph a variety of hawks, owls, and eagles on a broad range of natural perches. The best part is that most of these birds are ready willing and able to fly! We’ll have several flights from each bird giving you plenty of opportunities capture the birds in flight. We’ll also be able to shoot from multiple angles and make the images you’ve been dreaming about taking. With about 30 species available, you are going to lose your mind at the number of killer shots you bring home!

Afterward, we’ll head to the hotel for a group download and review session. That will give us time to correct any problems that you may have missed while the adrenaline kept your finger on the shutter release!

Day 4
At first light we will return to the raptor center and will spend the morning photographing the birds of prey.

We’ll be heading back to Toronto after the morning shoot and you can either catch a flight after 3 PM or overnight (not included) at the airport.

Included/Not Included

A Red-tailed Hawk takes flight during a Birds Of Prey photography workshop with Wildlife Workshops.
Red-tailed Hawk in Flight


Shared accommodation ($250 Single Supplement) for 3 nights and 4 days, Dinner on day one, Breakfast at hotels each morning for attendees, Airport drop off via airporter or van.

Not Included

Dinners (unless noted), lunches, Items of personal nature, international airfare, travelers insurance, anything not listed as included.

Equipment and Gear

For the birds of prey, a fast 300mm would be an excellent choice. The 80-400 (Nikon) or 100-400mm (Canon) are versatile and excellent choices. I had my 500mm this year, and it was almost impossible to get far enough away to use it.

In Algonquin Park, a 100-400mm or 80-400mm would be good choices. You can carry big glass for small birds etc. The odds are not good that we will see wild wolves and so you might travel light and leave the long lenses at home.

Ready to Photograph Raptors?

I’ve done a lot of photo sessions with trained birds, but I have never seen one as good as this one. You’re gonna love it!

There is not better place to practice your birds in flight than with these amazing birds. You will be a better bird photographer make some killer images and have a great time too!

I’m ready to fly too, sign me up!


A Bald Eagle skims the top of a pond while flying towards the photographer during the Birds of Prey photography workshop with Jeff Wendorff
I’ll come find you if you don’t sign up!


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