Baby Wildlife Photography

Ridiculously cute baby animals!

This photography workshop provides a rare opportunity to focus your camera on baby animals! I cannot possibly describe how cute they are and how much fun you will have. I promise you there is nothing quite like this workshop.

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Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop Highlights

  • It’s all About the Baby Animals
  • 8 Species of Baby and Adult Wildlife
  • Classroom: Image Critiques, Digital Workflow and more
  • Personal Attention from Instructor
  • Kalispell, MT
  • Tuition – $1395 and up
Lynx Kitten - Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop by Jeff Wendorff @ Wildlife Workshops
Lynx Kitten – Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop

This is a special wildlife photography workshop that’s focus is to get you some great images of baby animals. I’ve yet to meet a photographer that doesn’t love photographing baby animals and it is typically very difficult. We take the difficulty out by presenting you this unique opportunity to photograph some incredibly cute animals in great settings. We will be photographing as the weather and light dictate. After our day’s planned photography is complete, we will return to the Holiday Inn for classroom work. We’ll review the day’s photos, and I’ll give you some advice on ways to improve. We’ll work on principles of composition and digital workflow. The class will be small, so there is plenty of opportunities for me to help each of you with your individual needs.

I’ve scheduled my workshop to sit next to one of Triple D’s most popular events, their winter Western Horse session. If you do sign up for the Horse Roundup and you should, I will also be there to help you with your photography, but we will not have classroom sessions on those days.

There will be an opportunity to photograph some incredible birds of prey from a local rehab center. The birds are not releasable and have become animal ambassadors and are used to teach kids of all ages about conservation. We will pose these magnificent birds in perfect light on perfect perches for amazing photography.

Baby Wildlife Photography Details

Workshop Dates 2018

Session 1

Arrive June 8, 2018 by 6 PM – Depart June 13, 2018

Session 2

Arrive June 14, 2018 by 6 PM – Depart June 19, 2018

Workshop Dates 2019

Session 1

Arrive June 13, 2019 by 6 PM – Depart June 18, 2019

Session 2

Arrive June 19, 2019 by 6 PM – Depart June 24, 2019

Daily Schedule

I never know in advance exactly how many species or even which species we will be photographing each day. We will make a plan the night before the workshop, and if the animals and the weather agree, we will be all set. After that mother nature takes over and we’ll work with the animals on their schedule.

Day 1
6:00 PM ~ Springhill Suites

Arrive in time for an informal get together, 6PM at the hotel. We’ll have some time to meet each other, and we’ll go over what you can expect for the next few days including just how early you’ll be getting up each day!

Days 2-4
These will be our primary workshop days. Plan to rise and shine well before sunrise so we can be in position for the morning’s photography! The light will dictate our day’s activities, and we’ll shoot as long as we can with good light. We’ll return to base in the middle of the day. You’ll have time to forage for lunch, download your images, re-charge your batteries and then meet for that day’s classroom activities. This is the format we’ll follow all three days.

Day 5
This day is a wild card. It will be used to make up any sessions that had to be canceled for some unplanned occurrence as well as for you to add a couple of more sessions. These extra sessions are $150 per person per species, and some species will have a minimum number of participants for them to be available.

The workshop is officially over at the end of day 5. This means we won’t have official classroom activities. Some of you may sign up for available options or additional species, and I will, of course, be there to assist with your optional sessions,

Day 6
This is your best departure date.

Optional Extensions

Be sure to check out the optional extensions for this workshop that include some really cool raptors.

Included/Not Included in the Workshop

The fee consists of three days of photography instruction with 3 classroom sessions critiquing your images and presentations on “how-to” photograph wildlife. We will also spend some time on best practices for digital image processing and backup strategy. I encourage questions and lively discussion on most topics that you have interests in pursuing. I try to tailor the classes to your specific needs.

We’ll be photographing eight species during our three days. During this workshop, we can expect to photograph multiple species in a variety of different locations. All of the locations are ecologically correct (as much as we can) for the species. We will not know the species included in the class until our arrival. However, we almost always photograph mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, fox, and wolf.

Your local transportation, accommodations, staff gratuities, and meals are not included.

Additional Wildlife Species

Your workshop includes 8 of the 28 species of animals at the ranch. If you would like to add more animals, there will be a list of optional additional species. We’ll have a list available for you to choose from and then work as many other animals as we can during the three days of the workshop or the weather day on the 10th. These additional sessions are $150 per species.

Equipment & Gear

You should bring lots of energy and a lot of memory cards! You are going to photograph a lot more than you imagine. On my last trip one gentleman shot 1200 images during the first morning session! We may photograph as many as 3 sessions with minimal breaks in between for downloads. You need to have enough cards or a portable download device to keep up with the action!

A tripod can be used and is recommended. You will not need long glass, a 70-200mm (1.5 crop camera) is enough for the majority of the photography. On full frame cameras the 100-400 zooms from Canon and 80-400 from Nikon seem to be ideal. There are some places where a 400mm can be used for tight portraits.

We’ll normally shoot regardless of the weather and showers are certainly possible, so you should be prepared for that. Also, bring mosquito repellent, you’ll likely need that.

There is not going to be a great deal of physical exertion on this trip. One location that we will likely use has a hike of about 200 yards with a moderate hill to climb. We’ll be able to take it slow and I’ve never lost anyone…yet!

We park near our locations so don’t worry about having to carry your gear. I’ll help you pick the right lenses for each shoot, it’ll be really simple for you.

Ready to Join the Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop?

If I could only photograph one spot for the rest of my life, I’d be hard pressed not to stay at the Triple D. No matter how many times I’ve been here (and it’s been a lot) when the animals are out the adrenaline kicks in and I’m in photography heaven.

Come and join me and the amazing animals it’s truly a one of a kind experience, you won’t be disappointed, You Will Be Amazed!

So don’t delay register today, click the workshops registration link and you’re on your way!

WOW, so cute – Sign Me Up!

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