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Wildlife Workshops offers unique bucket list worthy workshops on five continents.
Small class sizes ensure you get plenty of attention and help with your photography.
My Birthday
October 17 is my birthday, gifts are welcome. Oh, there is no need to wait for October!
Having fun is an important part of my workshops. So be ready to learn and have some fun.

About Wildlife Workshops

Jeff is someone who walks through life with a smile on his face. In the midst of a full-time career in photography, he is also a teacher wholly dedicated to his students, leading workshops all around the globe and throughout the United States. Jeff prides himself on his ability to connect with students to guide their development as photographers efficiently. A natural people person, it is this same ability to connect (with people and with nature) that makes him so adept at capturing his subjects in all of their rich detail and character.


As a teacher, Jeff values a personable and charismatic approach, firmly believing that having fun is one of the most important aspects to take into account in the process of learning a creative craft such as photography. Whether you are looking to make your first step into the world of professional photography or you want to master a new hobby, Jeff can help you get acquainted with photography and take images you would truly treasure.


On Jeff’s workshops, you not only receive excellent instruction while in the field but also classroom style sessions to help you make the most of your images. You’ll travel with an expert instructor to fantastic locations. You’ll learn to be a better perhaps even an amazing photographer while exploring the globe with a professional wildlife photographer. You will make some pictures that you’ll be proud to show off and have a lot of fun too!


Be a Better Photographer

Workshops for Wildlife and Nature Photographers