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I thought the workshop was a complete success and I can’t thank you enough for being the caring, thoughtful person you are, who kept everything light and full of humor. You ran a wonderful workshop and you are a good man Gunga Din!

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Tropical Birds – Panama Workshop Plans

Tropical Birds are some of the most colorful and photogenic birds in the world. I’ve been looking for a relatively easy and very productive location for a new workshop that would feature great tropical birds and dazzling hummingbirds. After exploring and googling and thinking, I’ve decided we are going to do this in Panama! That’s a big why! Well, that and the …

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The Amazing Jaguar! 15 Awesome Facts and Astonishing Myths

I am getting ready to go to Brazil to photograph the Jaguars in the Pantanal regions in preparation for the Jaguars and Wildlife of the Pantanal Photography Tour. One key to improving your photography is to learn as mush as you can about your subject; I think it significantly improves the quality of my photography. Here are few things that …

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Aurora Borealis – 16 Actually Interesting Myths and Facts

I’m looking forward to showing an intrepid group of photographers the Northern Lights. A trip to see the mystical, magical Northern Lights sits high atop many “Bucket Lists.” Is it on yours? To celebrate the Northern Lights Photography Workshop, I present this list of interesting facts and myths surrounding the Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis.

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